Trika Eco Resort is a lush sanctuary surrounded by the inspiring mountains of Northeastern Thailand, near the famed Mekong River. Our tranquil setting and unique farm-stay experience offer an enticing alternative to the typical Thailand vacation.

We offer retreats and workshops in yoga, meditation, permaculture, health, fitness, Thai massage and more!

Trika Eco Villa, our annex center in Chiang Mai, is an award winning and inspiring adobe and bamboo villa in a quiet setting close to all that Chiang Mai has to offer. Trika Eco Villa is a unique example of how natural building techniques and green living can combine with luxury and beauty to create a truly enchanting experience. Come for the day and join one of our weekend workshops or rent the whole villa for your own private and customized healing getaway.

Upcoming events


Upcoming Events

Trika Mentor Training

If you would like to learn a cutting edge and holistic coaching approach to assist people in optimizing their lives while creating an income stream for yourself, or simply wish to add a new range of skills and professional services ...

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Adi Yoga Certification Training

This one-month retreat in Adi-Yoga is an opportunity to learn and become certified in one of the rarest forms of ancient Trans-Himalayan Yoga. Personal practice of Adi-Yoga is a never-ending path of enjoyment and self-discovery, as is teaching it to ...

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Upcoming Events

Sustainable Living Retreat

Visit Trika Eco Resort for a deep immersion into the wisdom-based practices of permaculture and traditional Hatha yoga. Submerge your hands into the Earth while learning the essential principles of sustainable living. Enjoy yoga classes that bring you into a ...

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  • Starting Now! - An Introduction


    I’m guessing that many who blog have had this same strange feeling of beginning a heartfelt conversation with an unknown amount of people, many of whom they have never met in person, putting thoughts out there into the ethers for anyone to read. BUT… for an introverted girl like myself, this does seem to be the perfect medium to speak through  :)

    So… Hello!…my name is Kiera (some friends call me Ajama) and I am one of the co-founders of Trika Eco Resort.  With our new website comes our new blog - starting now!  I am truly excited to be able to share with you what is going on at our resort, what we are doing in the permaculture and yoga world, and adding in bits of yoga dharma and permaculture wisdom along the way.  Trika Eco Resort is not your typical resort.  We are an established yoga AND permaculture center continually learning and evolving, as are the founders and teachers of the center, as we personally strive to deepen our own practices of awareness, compassion and sustainability so that we may….as the famous quote says….be the change we want to see in the world.  So check back regularly and (please!) make a comment here or send me a personal email at if you have any topic requests or something to share! Let’s talk about yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, permaculture, mental health, fitness, diet, pregnancy, conscious communities….skies the limit!  Much love to you all and see you very soon!