• Phitakorn Museum, Mask Painting & Wat Neramitr Wipasana

    Phitakorn Museum, Mask Painting & Wat Neramitr Wipasana
    Enjoy a day taking in the Phitakorn Museum, trying your hand at some mask painting and visiting the temples just outside Dansai. The Phitakorn festival is held once per year filling the main street of Dansai with locals in bright coloured outfits and amazing large wooden masks. The festival is between May and June and is marked by a procession “Dance of ghosts” to commemorate the return of a beloved Prince. A celebration so loud it woke the dead. Later it became an annual event to evoke the rains from the heavens by farmers and to bless the crops. You will visit the Phitakorn Museum in the town of Dansai and then go to where they carve and make the traditional masks, made from coconut tree wood and wicker­work sticky rice basket, ready for painting and get the chance to be taught how to paint them. From there you will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and journey a little way out of town to the temple. Wat Neramitr Wipasana is a temple famous for its setting and beauty, large ordination hall and unique pagoda made from red­coloured laterite. By Car: 1800THB, 1 to 4 people By Van: 2500THB, 1 to 10 people To paint a mask: 100 baht
  • Erawan Caves

    Erawan Caves
    These caves are in the amazing limestone cliffs that are the backdrop of Loei city. We will travel to Wat Tham Erawan, the temple at the base of the cliffs then climb the pathways and stairs (600 approx) to the impressive limestone caves. You can take your time, taking in the views along the way or challenge yourself with pace and a good cardiovascular workout. You can then explore the caves and its beautiful limestone formations before returning to Loei for lunch at a local Thai restaurant. Great pictures if you google. By Car: 2300THB, 1 to 4 people By Van: 3000THB, 1 to 10 people
  • Phu Kra Dueng National Park

    Phu Kra Dueng National Park
    Taking off after breakfast we will travel by van to the national park winding through the mountains from Phu Ruea to Loei and on to Phu Kra Dueng. The hike of 8kms will take us up to the high point of Kok Moei (1316mt) viewpoint. Then we will enjoy a picnic lunch before descending, returning by late­ afternoon. Park Fee: 200THB per person By Car: 2800THB, 1 to 4 people By Van: 3500THB, 1 to 10 people
  • Gen Gliang River

    Gen Gliang River
    This day you will bike ride, meandering through villages and farmland, to the tranquil Gen Gliang river. You will have a picnic lunch by the river under a tree or on the rocks, go swimming in the deeper water holes and be massaged by the little rapids amongst the rocks.  Get a taste of village life, talk with the friendly local children, and relax surrounded by the beauty of Issan.
  • Wild Water Rafting

    Wild Water Rafting
    The San River has 13 kms of rapids and pools. Your day will cover 7 km (approx. 2.56 hrs) of this wild river rafting adventure through partnership with local river rafting companies. The San River is the main river of Phu Ruea and flows through the curves of the greater Loei valley until ending at Hueang River, a natural border between Thailand and Laos. The rafting route begins at Ban Kaeng Kliang and ends at Ban Huai Tio and is divided into three parts. Wild River rafting adventures are offered August to October depending on water levels. Once complete you will enjoy a well- deserved picnic lunch before returning to Trika. By Van: 4000THB, 3 to 8 people (includes raft fee)