Trika Eco Villa

5 bedrooms
8 beds
Sleeps up to 12 people
5.5 bathrooms
Fully equipped kitchen
Indoor and outdoor living spaces
Natural ozone swimming pool
Open-air bamboo sala for yoga and meditation practice
Wireless Internet
Washing machine
TV/DVD player
Free parking

Yoga Sala


The Yoga Sala at Trika Eco Villa, with its sweeping bamboo roof and rammed earth floor, is the perfect place to find your center. Constructed entirely from natural sustainable resources, the open-air sala can seat up to 25 people for an unforgettable workshop, class or event. Alternatively, it is simply an inspirational place for your personal yoga or meditation practice, exercise routine or just a tranquil setting to relax and enjoy the moment.

Natural Mineral Swimming Pool


Heal your body in the custom made mineral swimming pool. Dark tiles, a waterfall feature, deep and shallow wading areas, and sun chairs all make this an unforgettable feature of the villa. Using natural minerals the pools water system contains 84 nutritional elements that create a healthy balance for your skin and your whole body. Crystal clear and pure, and without the negative environmental impact.

Fully equipped Kitchen


The modern state of the art kitchen is complete with an Italian designed 6-burner gas stove and oven, large double sink, stand-up refrigerator and all the modern appliances you will need to make that delicious meal. The open floor design with concrete counters and timber shelving gives you plenty of space to get creative and have a great time nourishing your body and soul.